Mental Health

We place equal importance on both your mental and physical well-being. Our approach, at 360 Med, involves delicately inquiring about your emotions and feelings, aiming to understand how we can offer support. Prioritising prompt and effective treatment our goal is to provide solutions and plans that bring a sense of resolution and relief, ensuring you feel supported throughout your mental health journey.
Our private clinic in Muswell Hill is dedicated to addressing a wide range of mental health concerns with a compassionate and personalised approach. Our experienced team is well-equipped to assist individuals dealing with conditions such as DepressionAnxiety and Panic Attacks, providing tailored interventions to alleviate symptoms and promote mental well-being. We also specialise in addressing Postnatal Mood Disorders, offering support to new parents navigating the complexities of mental health during the postpartum period. Additionally, our clinic is proficient in managing InsomniaAddiction issues, and Mental Health Disorders including ADHDADD and ASD. By prioritising individualised care, we aim to provide comprehensive and effective solutions for a diverse array of mental health challenges.

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