Blood, Urine and Stool Tests

Blood, urine and stool tests are available at 360 Med through a same day or an urgent appointment.
Analysis of blood, urine and stool samples empowers your healthcare provider with valuable insights into your body’s internal functioning. Undergoing these tests enables you to receive the necessary attention and support to address the health issues you may be facing. Our clinic in Muswell Hill, North London offers a range of tests for thorough examination, general health assessments and to provide peace of mind for patients.
Our clinic provides extensive and thorough testing to facilitate accurate diagnoses. Swift results and clear answers follow any test conducted within our private practice, recognising the importance of timely responses to alleviate patient concerns. Understanding that waiting can be stressful, especially in matters of health, we prioritise efficiency. Additionally, for your convenience, we offer the option of conducting tests within the comfort of your home, ensuring accessibility and personalised care.
Our blood tests can be carried out by our doctors in your consultation with results available within 4 hours. We can provide tailor made blood tests specific to your health needs.

Any blood tests conducted by the doctor during your appointment are in addition to the set consultation fee + £40 one off charge ( blood test prices as set by The Doctors Laboratory London).

Blood Tests
  • Haemoglobin to test for anaemia,
  • Kidney Function Tests – Urea, Electrolytes & Creatinine with eGFR
  • Uric acid/Urate for gout and cardiac disease risk
  • Calcium and alkaline phosphatase for monitoring bones
  • Full Lipids Profile – Total, LDL, HDL Cholesterol & Triglycerides for coronary heart disease
  • Glucose for diabetes,
  • Liver function tests – AST, ALT, GGT for liver diseases
  • ESR for infection/inflammation
  • HBA1C for diabetes and pre diabetes
  • Thyroid function tests- T4 and TSHt o detect thyroid disorders
  • Iron to detect anaemia
  • Vitamin D – important for bone health and immune system

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