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Scheduled appointments tailored to your convenience, whether it’s at your residence, our clinic, or during non-traditional hours, including evenings and weekends.
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360 Med offers an extensive range of blood tests, stool samples and swabs individualised for your medical requirements. We guarantee a swift and convenient turnaround of your results.

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Private Health Screening  

Well:Woman – Female Health Check 

Well:Man – Male Health Check  

Employment Medicals  

Consistency is maintained as your child will be attended to by the same doctor at each visit, fostering a trusted connection from infancy through to adulthood.

From pregnancy and fertility support to addressing concerns about sexual health, we are here to assist you with any gynaecological issues you may encounter.


We provide assistance for various men’s health issues, encompassing discomfort and irregularities in the testicles, concerns related to the prostate, and matters pertaining to sexual health. 


We provide extensive assistance, covering emergencies and offering support for you and your family in times of need.


Adopting a comprehensive perspective, we consider the physical, psychosocial, and mental implications of your condition to formulate a comprehensive treatment plan tailored to your needs.


We provide a personalised menopause care package designed to assist you in effectively managing symptoms, enabling you to enjoy an excellent quality of life. 


I have a contemporary and well-equipped clinic in Muswell Hill where you and your family can be seen. However, if needed, I am also available to visit you at your home or nursing home. 

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